Rekey Locks

Rekey Locks Surrey

Choose us when you need a pro to rekey locks in Surrey, British Columbia. Did you know you can change a lock without replacing it? It is true. A locksmith can rekey a lock by replacing a few pins. This process costs less than replacing the entire lock. This makes it a very popular option. And it’s actually very useful in times the keys get lost or stolen, or found in the wrong hands. Why? Because the rekeyed lock won’t work with the original key. The pros cut new keys. Is that something you need? If so, call Surrey locksmith. Want to learn more about this service? Read on.

Why you want a pro to rekey locks in Surrey

You want an expert to rekey locks in Surrey, BC. We send a certified locksmith who is trained to provide quality results. There are many benefits to rekeying locks instead of replacing them. It is cheaper to rekey locks than to change them out completely. Here are several reasons to choose rekey service:

  •          Employee leaves without returning their key
  •          Roommate moves out without returning their key
  •          Keys are lost or stolen

The lock rekey service is simple and efficient. It costs less to make a key change than replace the entire lock. Keep this option in mind. Choose our team to get the service you need.

A master key system can be beneficial to your business or home

What is a master key system? Master keys offer you the access control your business needs. You get a master key that is set to open every door in your business or a department of your business.  This eliminates carrying many different keys on your key ring. It also allows you to distribute keys that are only cut to open specific doors. Not all employees need to have access to the supply room, a certain office, or warehouse. You decide who gets access to where. And then, such options are great for homes where using one key for all doors is better than having a key for every single door. Does this sound good? Let us send you a Surrey locksmith.

Fast and accurate key replacement service

So, did you lose your keys? No worries. Not only do we dispatch locksmiths quickly but also fully equipped with all sorts of key replacement products, tools, and machines to rekey locks and change keys. A mobile locksmith is prepared to cut new keys on the spot. Their vehicle is equipped with a state-of-the-art key cutting machine. Now is the time to get quality lock rekey, key change, or master key service. Get in touch with our Surrey rekey locks team today.